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Studying value-based decision making

Schonberg lab

About Us

Our laboratory is focused on the study of the neural basis of value-based decision-making and behavior change. We are interested in the process of how values are constructed by the brain, and thus could be perturbed and changed. We study the underlying neural substrates of multiple components of this process by designing novel behavioral paradigms and using converging research tools to analyze them including structural and functional MRI, eye tracking, virtual reality and computational value-based decision-making models. We seek to create human translational models of behavioral change paradigms from animals and from humans to animals to allow causal inferences. The lab is interdisciplinary and nurtures collaborations within and outside it. The laboratory is committed to promoting open, transparent, and reproducible scientific practices. 

What We Do


 We use gaze tracking devices in all our levels of experimentation to gain passive markers of preferences during fMRI, behavioral tasks and VR.


We use virtual reality (VR) to induce densely monitored interactive experiences taking place within a simulated natural environment.


We use Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to study the structure and function (functional MRI) underlying value-based decision-making tasks and plasticity induced by them.  


We develop and use various behavioral tasks to explore the cognitive processes underlying value-based decision-making.

Latest Publications


Neural encoding of food and monetary reward delivery. In NeuroImage 


News & Updates